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Are you ready to transform lives through the power of the breath & offer your clients a unique approach to healing?

Join our 5 star accredited 'trauma informed' training programme and join a community of heart centered business owners who are making a beautiful impact in the world doing what they LOVE!


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Our signature Breathwork classes have been taught at

Breathwork is changing the face of wellbeing.  Over the next five years, it's set to become a hugely sought after tool that will enable you to support your clients to better regulate their nervous systems and heal from the effects of anxiety and emotional stress.

Training as a community Breathe Instructor enables you to be at the heart of this growing movement and share a truly transformational tool with your clients.


Our training is perfect for you if: 


- You are a heart led practitioner or business owner looking to expand your offerings and create a ripple effect of connection and calm within your community 

-  You want to create a beautiful impact in this world, helping your clients to CALM down their nervous systems, CLEAR stress and unprocessed emotions from their bodies and CONNECT back to their hearts and to what really matters in life.

- You are looking for a unique transformational tool that moves past traditional top down approaches and works to bring healing to the BODY as well as the mind.

-  You have personal experience in anxiety, stress and trauma, and it’s your journey towards greater emotional wellbeing that has led you to where you are today.  

 - You want to become part of a beautiful, global movement that is at the forefront of holistic healing and empowerment. 

- You have experience in your current work setting of teaching and guiding others and you would love to bring Breathwork into that space 

 If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. 

 With our signature CALM, CLEAR CONNECT Method and Breathe Better to Feel Better sessions, we can provide you with everything you need to lead your own beautiful Breathwork classes, workshops, masterclasses and retreats centred around nervous system regulation and emotional healing.

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teaching the most beautiful signature classes and then receiving heart felt messages like this:

'That was incredible.  So many tears and I feel so peaceful and calm.  Thank you.

'WOW! Thank you.  I went to a lovely place and felt amazing.  So lovely to receive a Breathwork session.'

'Oh my! That was exactly what I needed.  Thank you for this evening.'

'Thank you so much.  That was beautiful.  I loved the music too.'

This could be YOU!

Inside The Breathe Instructor Training School we provide you with the exact knowledge and tools to enable you to positively impact and transform the lives of others using the power of Breathwork.

Using our exact framework and scripts you can teach our tried and tested signature class OR take what we give you and use it to inspire you to create your own classes and offerings using our Calm, Clear Connect toolkit of techniques.

We are SO passionate about equipping you with everything you need to provide the most beautiful classes within your community.

PLUS we have a whole 'Business Blueprints for heart led leaders' module too to get you set up with the foundations for running a sustainable, successful business.


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"Hannah has created such an amazing course on every level. The presentation and material within the training has been phenomenal and the way that Hannah presents is inspiring. So calm, confident and clear with a mix of honest vulnerability which has allowed us as a group to share and connect with one another on a deeper level."

Frew, Worcestershire
Drama and Play Therapist

Hi I'm Hannah, founder of the B.I.T.S.

Education, inspiration and empowerment are what I do best!

I am a former school teacher turned Hypnobirthing practitioner, holistic life coach and  international Breathwork Teacher and Trainer.

My vision is to share the impact of breathwork as widely as possible, training up other heart led leaders to share a beautiful transformational modality to transform the way we as a society manage stress and anxiety.  

So many strategies out there focus on a top down approach when it comes to targeting mental and emotional health but when we call on the breath we are able to dive deep into working with the body and our physiology too!  

When you join the breathwork movement, you’re on a beautiful path towards offering your clients a deeper awareness and understanding of how to regulate their nervous systems, clear unprocessed emotions and stress from their bodies and connect back to themselves and their hearts every day. 

We were not born to experience constant stress and anxiety but for so many that is what is happening right now.  Especially after the last few years and what we have all been through collectively alongside navigating personal challenges too.
NOW more than we need tools like the breath to support us, to bring deeper healing to our bodies and to allow us to take ownership back over how we manage stress and anxiety so that we can begin to lead calmer, happier lives.
My Journey

Want to experience one of our signature CALM CLEAR CONNECT Breathwork Classes? 

Click on the link below and join me live on Zoom for our upcoming monthly community session. 

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Would you like to find out more about whether becoming a Breathe Instructor is the right fit for you? Book a call and let's have a chat and you can find out more.


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