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Are you ready to create more impact and transform more lives through utilising the power of the breath?

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Join our Breathwork movement and learn how to grow a successful heart centered business in just 16 weeks

There is enormous interest in breathwork at the moment, especially with high levels of stress and anxiety currently being felt around the world as a result of the pandemic. 

Plus, the world is so incredibly busy these days and it can seem as though everything is on fast forward. Most of us spend our waking hours glued to various forms of technology, which only serves to disconnect us even further. 

Rather than speeding up, what if your clients could learn how to slow down, navigate stress and anxiety better and connect back to themselves and the present moment?

This is where breathwork can have transformational effects. 

From reducing stress and anxiety, to releasing unprocessed emotions, to increasing self awareness and the ability to press pause, the benefits of the breath are endless.

So many people are searching for tools to call on to live a calmer, happier life and Breathwork is a beautiful body based practical tool that moves beyond the mind and can do just that. 

Here are just some of the incredible benefits that you can offer your clients when they engage in a session with you:

- Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety

- Release of unprocessed stress and emotions

- Ability to connect to themselves and their own intuition

- A more balanced, regulated nervous system

- Less reactive with those around them

- Deep inner peace and increased feelings of love, joy and gratitude

- Clearer thinking 

- Stronger immune system

- A greater balance within the body systems

- Better digestion (goodbye IBS)

- Happier hormones

- Emotional healing

- Deeper connection to self and others

- Emotional resilience 

- Better able to hold a space for others (eg children) to process their emotions too


These benefits have transformed my own life and the lives of my clients too and I am so excited about the ripple effect of positive change that is currently being felt in this world thanks to the work of our beautiful Breathwork instructors.

Breathwork really does has incredible power to restore balance within the mind and body and promote physical and emotional healing too.

It can play such a vital role in supporting your clients to calm a dysregulated nervous system, clear out stress and stored up unprocessed emotions and connect them back to who they are and what truly matters in life.

It is an incredibly undervalued and underused tool but we are on a mission to change that and we would love for you to join us!


Are you ...

Are you a heart led coach, hypnotherapist, practitioner or wellness professional looking to expand your offerings and stand out from others in a crowded niche? 

Are you on your own personal journey of learning how to slow down, live more mindfully and manage your emotional health and would you love to integrate this powerful modality not only into your own life but the lives of your clients too?

Are you someone who works mainly with mindset tools and talking therapies and would like to expand beyond the mind and have a practical, body based tool that can offer immediate and tangible benefits to your clients health?

Are you someone who has a strong passion for supporting emotional health and you want to increase your impact and expand your income within this wellness space?

Adding breathwork to your holistic offerings can give you the best of both worlds - the ability to support your clients whilst also holding yourself accountable with your emotional health with an incredibly powerful personal practice, allowing you to increase your income and impact helping your clients to feel calmer and happier

When you train with us, you’ll learn not only the fundamentals of breathwork allowing you to teach beautiful practical classes.  But, in addition to this, you will also learn evidence-based scientific knowledge around nervous system regulation and emotional healing so that you can also run your own educational based workshops, masterclasses, courses and retreats if you wish.  Plus everything we teach is delivered through a trauma informed lens.

But that’s not all. Not only will we teach you how to put together your own beautiful bespoke offerings, we will also provide you with ‘done for you’ lesson plans so that you can get started with teaching immediately.

We have a beautiful signature method which encompasses our 3 pillar framework, that you will be able to learn and deliver to your community.

Just imagine being able to move straight to working with your clients, without even having to plan anything!

If you’d rather create your own offerings, you can build on the materials we give you and put your own spin on them.

As well as equipping you with the foundations for building your own beautiful breathwork business, we will also be empowering you through our business blueprints for heart-centered leaders framework.

This will show you how to run a successful business and create an impact in a way that works for you.

The business world can encourage such a masculine way of doing things but we want to show you that there is a softer way and that you can create a business from a place of ease and calm.

You’ll learn how to lead with your intuition, your unique strengths and your core values and how to weave this together in a way that gives you ultimate freedom.


It’s all waiting for you in the 


Expand beyond mindset and top down approaches and gift your clients a beautiful transformative tool that brings your clients into their body too for an even deeper, healing experience. 

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Our training is a perfect fit for you if:

12 months experience

You have at least 12 months experience in teaching, leading or guiding others in a class or group setting

Heart centered

You are someone who lives from the heart and wants to create a beautiful impact in this world that changes lives


You have a huge passion for helping other people to improve their emotional health while also demonstrating a strong self care practice of your own


You value the power that peace, calm and connection can bring to your own daily life and those around you


You are confident, self motivated and enthusiastic about teaching/guiding others

A leader

You want to step out as a leader in this exciting and transformational movement

We'll help you to:

Create and run a beautiful heart-centered business that feels truly aligned to you and YOUR personal mission in this world so that you can change more lives
Train in a set of skills that help grow your business and support your own emotional health too - so essential for heart-centered entrepreneurs! 
Be able to teach practical Breathwork classes and use your knowledge and skills to create bespoke educational offerings, adding additional streams to your income that fit your business too - such as masterclasses, courses, workshops and retreats)
Balance the desire to transform more lives while also making the income you deserve 
Honor your needs, set stronger boundaries and price your work in a way that reflects the impact of your work.


There will be a mixture of challenges, written assessments, practical assignments and quizzes throughout the training to assess your learning and understanding.  



Are you ready to take your place at the front of an incredible movement that will help more people to use the power of the breath to transform the way they manage stress, anxiety and trauma?



Here’s what you’ll learn to help you do it:


Module 0 - HEAL


A 21 day personal healing journey centered on the breath

This module is designed to invite you to pause, turn in and connect with yourself and your breath first so that you can begin to experience the beautiful benefits that you will be sharing with your clients.  Using a variety of different techniques, you will be guided through my signature framework that aims to CALM your mind and nervous system, CLEAR stress from the body and CONNECT you back to yourself, your life and your heart.

21 guided audios delivered over 21 days with a daily opportunity to pause and reflect.


Module 1 - The Fundamentals

Anatomy, Biomechanics and Physiology

The role of the nose, diaphragm and rib cage in relation to the breath

Functional vs dysfunctional breathing (and how to spot both)

Posture and pelvic floor and the impact on breathing

The role of oxygen and carbon dioxide

The journey of the breath and how we breathe

Practical demonstration and breathing cues to look out for to support your clients



Module 2 - The Foundations

An introduction to emotional health and wellbeing ( a holistic approach)

Understanding the nervous system/ ANS and the role of the vagus nerve

An intro into the fight/flight/freeze/fawn response in relation to your physiology

Surface level and root level triggers of emotional stress

How to spot and heal a dysregulated nervous system

The 5A's to emotional healing

Understanding the role of chronic stress/anxiety/trauma/ACE's on our health and wellbeing

An introduction to Breathwork/history/why it is such a powerful tool for supporting emotional health

Functional vs Therapeutic Breathwork

Module 3 - Breathing Tools & Techniques

Breath Awareness

Observing/noticing the breath

What kind of a breather are you?

How to carry out a Breathwork assessment / CO2 tolerance assesment

10 functional and therapeutic breathwork tools and techniques to use with your clients including heart coherence and the transformational 'conscious connected' breath

Module 4 - Teaching and Application

Roles an responsibilities of a Breathwork Instructor

How to integrate the breathing techniques learnt into your breathwork business

An introduction to our signature method - the ‘Calm – Clear – Connect’ framework 

How to create your own signature offering

Layering the tools with affirmations, journaling and aromatherapy

How to hold a safe space for your clients

Creating the ideal teaching environment

Navigating challenging emotions

Addressing trauma

Music playlist formula

Finding your unique voice as a Breathwork Instructor 

Cultivating confidence when leading others in Breathwork 

How to apply what you have learnt to create your own classes, workshops and retreats

Identifying your ideal clients and creating bespoke classes and offerings for them

And so much more!

Module 5 - Business Blueprints for Heart Led Biz Owners

3 fundamental steps to running a successful business as a heart-centered leader 

Soulful leadership - how to lead from the heart and inspire others with your vision

Trusting your intuition when making decisions in your business

Harnessing your unique qualities and becoming a confident and inspiring leader

Letting go of the 3P’s - Perfectionism, Procrastination and People pleasing so that you can thrive in life and business

Creating a business that aligns with your values, personality, energy and strengths

And so much more!




A Becoming Trauma Informed Workshop designed to expand and support your understanding of trauma and how to create a trauma informed business and practice.

An invitation to my upcoming 'Breathe & Believe' LIVE event.: A transformational personal development day centered around creating and instilling more confidence, self belief and trust in yourself (using tools that really work) so that you can begin creating the life and business that you truly desire.

On completion of this training, you'll receive accreditation and a certificate of completion after finishing the course allowing you to become a 'Breathwork Instructor specialising in nervous system regulation and emotional healing.'



"Training with Hannah has been more than I every could have imagined. Aside from equipping me with the confidence to go and live out the training school values of educating, inspiring and empowering others, it has given me my own personal toolkit to better manage the challenges within my own life. I can honestly say this has been one of the most incredible, healing, trainings I have ever experienced."

Kate - Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Our next round of training begins on Monday 20th March 2023

Your investment for this training is £1397

What is included?

  • Access to our online 5 star, accredited trauma informed Breathwork training
  • A private community group to gain support, ask questions and receive further Breathwork training
  • A beautiful immersive 2 day LIVE training experience to integrate all of your learnings from the first 3 modules.
  • Done for you signature breathwork lesson plan, scripts and music playlists for you to use after completing the course 
  • The foundations to create your own beautiful courses, workshops, masterclasses and retreats
  • A unique business blueprints framework specifically for heart centered leaders paving a new way to run your business without overwhelm and burnout 
  • A safe, supportive, nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded people
  • Regular Q&A’s to help you navigate any hurdles that come up while you’re learning 
  • Instructors handbook
  • Life time access to any updated course materials or resources for The Breathe Instructor teacher training 
  • Free Quarterly Q&A group coaching sessions
  • A doTERRA customer account with 25% off essential oils (if you want to include them in your practice)
  • Bonus Module - Becoming Trauma Informed
  • 3 and 6 month payment plans available


If you are considering this training and you are outside of the UK we have an online pathway available where you can still gain full support and live access to Zoom sessions.  Please reach out and book a call to discuss the details of this further!


How you can make your investment back

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to make back your investment through the offers you create. 

Here’s what this could look like for you! 

-Signature Breathwork Classes (£25pp)

-Day Retreats (£99 – £149pp)

-Functional breathwork and educational masterclasses and workshops ( £25 – £65 pp)

-Relaxation Classes/Breathwork Clubs (£10-£15pp)

-Bespoke courses ( £90 – £200pp)

-Corporate workshops (£100 – £250 p/h)

* These are only a guideline and you will have the freedom to price your offerings in alignment with your business goals. 

The B.I.T.S will also be offering optional future CPD trainings later in the year to support you further as you expand your heart-centered business and impact more lives.


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What Makes the B.I.T.S Unique?

Emotional healing and nervous system regulation is at the heart of our training because it’s at the centre of everything. 

Along with the practical theory and knowledge, we also provide our students with lesson materials to teach to their students. You never have to start from scratch (unless you choose to). But if you do want to make sure your offerings are completely unique, we will equip you with the tools to do this. 

Many training schools offer basic business support that is often delivered in a generic and somewhat masculine way. At the B.I.T.S.. I invite you to explore a new way. In our business blueprints for heart-centered business owners, I invite you to create/expand a heart-led business by tuning into your personal values, qualities and strengths, leading with your intuition, learning how to trust yourself and create in a way that feels peaceful, fun, free and most importantly, in alignment with you. Your business is an extension of who you are. It is more than ‘just a job’ - it is your life’s work and you want it to be filled with joy and peace as you step out and share your gifts with the world. I can show you how!


My vision for you as a student:

 As you move through the training, I want to invite you on both a personal and professional journey of discovery as you learn how to better understand and manage your own emotional wellbeing and share this knowledge and experience with others too.  

 I believe that we are here to teach the lessons we need to learn the most and that this is best achieved through a deep awareness, appreciation and acceptance within ourselves of what we have been through. 

 My wish for you is that you feel fully supported on this journey and that when you finish it, you are filled with confidence, excitement and an even brighter burning desire to impact the lives of others as you step out as a changemaker in this world. The ripple effect we can create together is so powerful! 

Are you ready to join us? I can’t wait to welcome you into our community! 


Wondering whether Breathwork is right for you? Book a call and let's find out!

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"I am absolutely loving the training so far. The content is a beautiful mix of education, practical tools and self reflection. The modules are broken down into smaller teaching videos which is brilliant as it gives us flexibility to fit in the work at times that suit us. Hannah is knowledgeable, passionate and so encouraging and I have been blown away by the content am learning that the breath is so much more than just breathing in and out! "

Senior mental health lead, primary school teacher and Relax Kids Coach

Meet Your Instructors

Meet Amy - Your Module 1 Instructor

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m very excited to be on this journey with all of you! Here’s a little bit about me and what I’ll be bringing to the course.

My career started off with an undergraduate degree in Sports Rehabilitation, which was when my love of learning about the human body skyrocketed. Studying anatomy and physiology at degree level and learning from such experienced physiotherapists and biomechanists gave me such a solid base from which to apply this knowledge in a practical setting.

At Masters level, this knowledge was really compounded, but was also the time in which my career took a very welcome turn. I fell pregnant whilst planning for my dissertation, and from then onwards my work and training has focused on postnatal care and recovery. It’s during this time that I learned just how important the breath is, due to the drastic changes that occur physiologically and anatomically during and after pregnancy. The first thing I work on and re-train with every single woman I see is how to breathe properly from a mechanical perspective, then layer on other movements around it. If you are not breathing well, you are not moving well, and this has a direct impact on literally everything you do!

There are so many interesting physiological and anatomical aspects that influence the way we breathe, and I can’t wait to share this with you.



Meet Hannah - Your Module 2 - 5 Instructor

Hi, I'm Hannah and I cannot wait to embark on this beautiful journey with you.

Teaching is my passion. I truly believe it’s what I was put on this earth to do. For as long as I can remember, I have held such a strong desire to educate, inspire and empower others.

9 years ago I was introduced to the transformational power of the breath and it's been a journey of deeper awareness and discovery ever since!

Learning how to focus on my breath changed everything. It has helped me calm my stressed out nervous system, and enabled me to support my mind and body in such a powerful way. I’m now on a mission to raise awareness of breathwork and provide education, wisdom and support to the impact it can have on the mind and body. 

The B.I.T.S is all about creating a beautiful ripple effect that educates, inspires and empowers the world to use the power of the breath to feel amazing. 

Together, we can bring greater emotional healing to as many people as possible. 

I am: 

Experienced qualified teacher

Certified holistic life coach and mind body practitioner

Certified breathwork and mindfulness teacher

Emotional wellness Specialist 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to qualify?

Approximately 12 - 16 weeks

Is this course accredited?

Yes! You’ll receive accreditation after completing the course becoming a fully qualified Breathwork Instructor specialising in nervous system regulation and emotional healing

How much time do I need to commit each week?

Just 2.5 hours per week is all you’ll need to get the most from the course.

Is it online or face to face?

From January 2023 this training will be available to access 100% online providing flexibility no matter where you are in the world but if you are in the UK I would absolutely love for you to join the live 2 day training experience.  

What is the investment?

You’ll pay £1397 which includes access to out 5 star accredited training programme and ‘done for you lesson plans, business blueprints and bonus modules so you can start to expand your offerings straight away.

Our training is designed to be a complete package for everything you’ll need to run a successful heart-centered business. But if you feel that anything is missing from the content, we are more than happy to create it and add it in so we can deliver exceptional quality for you.

What support is available after the course ends?

You’re not alone once the course ends. We’re here to support you and help your business to grow if you want too.  You will have access to a free instructors training group where you can connect with your instructors and have access to updated resources and course materials and details of new CPD trainings as they are released.  

Are there any additional costs on top of the training?

The beautiful thing about breathwork is that you don’t need lots of fancy or expensive equipment. It’s also a low investment service to offer, especially if you’re leading your offers online. As long as you have an Internet connection, it’s just you and your breath!  For the live training you will need to find some local accommodation which we have details of to suit a range of different budgets.  Lunch will be provided on both days. 

Do I have to book a call? Can I not just sign up and get started straight away?

At The Breathe Instructor Training School we are really passionate about getting to know YOU, your heart, your passions and your vision for bringing Breathwork into your business.  Booking a call allows us to get to know you and vice versa so that you can make sure that our training feels like a great fit.


Book A Call with me

Click the link below to book a call with me if you would like to ask any questions or find out more about what it could mean for you and your business should you choose to train as a Breathe Instructor! I can’t wait to support you on this journey as we share the power of the breath with the world!


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